According to the custom coatings Scutec provides in-line measurement systems with different measurement methods, singly or in combination. Similarly, automatic XY positioning in measuring processes for many different applications are integrated.

Among the topics coating thickness measurement, reflection and transmission measurements, you will find a wide range of table-top systems for use in the laboratory

Batches and samples are measured by trained personnel in our application laboratory.

Reliable, inexpensive, compact and portable.
The series of LEPTOSKOP leaves no wishes in this respect.

Measurement Methods

To cover a wide range of applications, SCUTEC uses following measurement methods for coating thickness measurement.

Optical Methods

  • WLI   white light interferometry
  • DLI dual laser interferometry
  • KFM   Confocal measurement system
  • LT      laser triangulation

Thermal Methods

  • Pulse-Thermography

Electronic Methods

  • Measurements based on induction or eddy current 
  • Capacitance based sensors